Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So, today is November 2nd and the last time I posted a blog about cooking was on October 1st. I want to apologize to anyone out there who has been reading this and anxiously awaiting the next recipe from the kitchen of Leah Kniffen. From my knowledge, there is not many of you, so there are not too many people that I should be disappointing. However, I am disappointing myself. I had a goal, and I did not successfully complete it (which is a rarity for me). However, my goal has halfway been reached. I have been cooking. The issue is that I have not been blogging about my cooking. I have been enjoying the splendid things that have been baked, stirred, sauteed, etc. over the last month. However, your mouth has not had the privilege of watering over my pictures and instructions for how to create these delicious treats. My New Year's resolution, which was not made on New Years still holds true. I will continue this blog. I will continue to make food. I will continue to become domesticated and I will continue to get FAT :)

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