Tuesday, July 19, 2011

School Supplies!

Can I say that school supplies shopping is my favorite time of year? I know that all you moms out there just want to stop at Wal*Mart or Target and cross off everything on your list. I know you don't want to shop around and at the price of gas, it may cost more money in the end. On Sunday, I just went to Wal*Mart and bought school supplies for a kid at Capitol Hill with Kristi. It's expensive! We spent over $70 dollars on stuff and the $1.50 for highlighters and $0.74 glue does add up. However, we were on a mission... had to get it done and didn't want to spend time shopping around! I am here to tell you about some of the good and GREAT deals I got today when I went to STAPLES and Walgreens! I spent a few dollars, but after the rebates and teacher discounts I didn't spend much!


In Missouri, there isn't one near our home. So, this is a "secret" I have recently found out about and it wasn't through my mother. Staples has items that are only $0.01 during the school-supplies season. There are about 3 items each week in their ad and they are only on sale through Wednesday of the week. This week it was 8 pack of pencils for $0.01, index cards for $0.01, and 2-pks of Sharpie Highlighters for $0.01. If you are a bargain hunter, then you know deals like these have limits. Usually you are not allowed to buy over 2 or 3 of these items! Here is the CATCH! If you are a teacher, your limit goes up to 25 for each item! So, I went to STAPLES today. Before I went, I was wondering how I was going to prove I was a teacher. I recently got hired and I don't have my badge or picture ID yet. So, I dug out my IPAD I got and had an image of my name on the list of new-hires. I also had my IPAD because it says on the back that it is property of my school district. Did this work for the cashier? YES! Also, if you go to the young cashiers, they will say "ok". So, now I am registered with my STAPLES rewards card and I'm excited about these extended limits. When I arrived, they were out of index cards. I have learned my lesson... go on SUNDAY after church to do all your school supply shopping. Don't wait until Tuesday! Next week = deals shopping! However, I did buy 25 2-pks of highlighters for $0.25! I did also buy 25 8-pks of pencils for $0.25. Yes- the sale price on these items were $1 for the pencils ($25 worth) and $1.50 for the highlighters ($37.50). So, I got $62.50 cents worth of highlighters and pencils for  $0.50! :) WHAT A DEAL!

I also bought a few other things that I consider expensive, but still great bargains. I got 2 reams of copy paper for $2. I also got 2 AVERY binders for $2. I also bought 2 packs of nice pens for $2 and a package of pens that will be free when I get my rebate! Now, the paper was $1 after the rebate and the pens were free after the rebate. However, I have never done such an easy mail-in rebate! You can do them online! You just type in the information from your receipt online and can choose to have the money go straight to your PAY-PAL account! Ok! DONE! I don't have to mess with cutting UPCs, checking the mail, paying postage, going to the bank to deposit my check! I just saved a lot of hassle and still got my good deals! 

So, after rebates I got:
2 binders = $2
2 reams of copy paper = $2
13 nice pens = $2
200 #2 pencils = 25 cents
50 highlighters = 25 cents

GRAND TOTAL= 6.50. :)

Next stop: Walgreens

I spent $4.55 and got 200 mechanical pencils (19 cents for a pack of 5), 4 pocket folders (9 cents each), and 40 sheet protectors (49 cents for pk of 10)

So, I spent 11.05 and got all these things. :) I am pleased! I can't wait til next week!

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