Monday, July 18, 2011

BUDGETING (A Step to Adulthood)

WOW! I will have to say that you are becoming a big girl when you start writing a budget with the full intent of actually using it. The word "budget" has come into my vocabulary a lot this summer, and I feel like it will be occurring more and more. Can I say that my mother is the queen of budgeting? When I was in 6th grade my mother made me keep a budget. I actually thought it was fun then. I did that through my 10th grade year and then the rest of high school/college it didn't really happen. I am not a huge spender, but I haven't written the $$ I spend down and the $3 Good-Will shirts and BWW Thursdays do add up. :) In 6th grade my mother gave us a weekly allowance, but also made us responsible for how much we spent on clothes and recreation. My brother and I each got $33 a month for clothes and $33 a month for recreation. This may seem like a lot. However, it really isn't. Want a new pair of shoes? Want spirit wear at registration? Want a T-shirt at a church retreat? Want to go to church camp? Camp will alone make you save for 4 months. What about all the bowling nights and movies? You do have to start picking and choosing. This is something that I will have to start doing in the coming year. Why? First year teacher, getting married, paying off OUR loans, pay for a honeymoon, etc. Can I do it? Yes! Will it be hard? YES! Will I give you tips? YES! I am already a thrifty spender, but wait til I fill you in on some of the best and easiest ways to spend money, cook cheap (inexpensive), and enjoy cheap entertainment. I am not an EXTREME COUPONER. I repeat I am not an EXTREME COUPONER! I don't have the time, but I do have time to shop at ALDI's, check out a few deals through e-mails and share my love of these savings with you. My food blog will become a "life" blog. I hope you can read through my choppy sentences and typos to find some tips. I hope this next year will prepare me to be a domestic future wife, a financially smart individual, and a better teacher. :) This next year will help PREPARE me to be a PITCHFORD. (Still working on the blog title...any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Alliterations were never my thing.)

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